Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What are you looking for?

I can upload only stuff i have, but it's interesting to know what visitors (like you) are looking for. So i started with a poll. If this works, i can take the results into account when uploading in the future.
Of course, you can also use the chat box :-)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry xmas everybody and enjoy the true old school spirit!

Uploaded and linked more then 100 radio tapes and live shows in the last couple of days. Can't maintain this speed in the future but wanted a solide base for starters :-).
I hope you all enjoy it. If you have some tapes to share or want to trade: drop me a mail.

For now: merry xmas with your loved ones and enjoy the true spirit of the old school hip hop under the xmas tree :-)

Grandmaster Flash and The Furious 4 MCs @ Audobon Ballroom 1978-12-23

Jazzy Jay, Smitty Dee, Kid Vicious, Tricky Tee, Malibu, Pow Wow, & Nae Nae live at t-connection 1980 for troy troy's birthday (.rar file)


DJ Red Alert - Goes Bazerk


zulu nation, 1982: Spoonie G, Busy Bee, Cool dj AJ, Debbie Dee (updated link)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Funky 4+1 & Zulu Nation @ 123 Park, 1981

clark kent @ in control, WBLS, 1989

DJ Easy Lee & Treacherous Three - 2nd Anniversary With Spoonie G @ Harlem World 1982

The Latin Rascals, Best of 1984 Megamix @ WKTU

mike allen, capital radio, Aug 23rd 1985

Chuck Chillout - KISS Mastermix, 98.7 WRKS-FM

afrika islam - zulu beat show, with fab 5 freddy @ whbi, 1983

dj danny dan the beat man cutting breakbeats - grandmaster caz, 1988

Devastating 3 MCs, Kid West, Magic Dee, & Barry Bee house tape 1983 (rar file)

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five @ The Peppermint Lounge, New York, 1983-03-25

Including a live version of the adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the wheels of steel!
If anybody has another live version, please let me know (it's my all time favorite track)

DJ Jazzy Jay, The Jazzy Five MCs - Paterson NJ 1981

Kurtis Blow & Grandmaster Flash - live in budapest-1993 (.rar file) re-up

DJ Chuck Chillout @ KISS FM 08-29-86

zulu nation live at rodney c's birthday party 1980


Friday, December 19, 2008

Marley Marl In Control @ WBLS, 7.14.89 with DJ Kevy Kev

Mike Allen National Fresh - Christmas 87

dj red alert, kiss fm, 1986

Kid Capri live @ The Powerhouse, '91

The Armory: eddie cheba, melle mel, kurtis blow, d.j. hollywood, dj starski 1979 (updated rar file)

Coldcut interview on Capital FM 1988

mike allen, capital radio, easter weekend 1986

mike allen capital radio - feb 1986

mike allen, capital radio, interview roxanne shante, 27 june '87

Master Don and the Def Committee Live in Philly, 1985

mr magic @ WHBI, 1985

Kool DJ Herc & Whiz Kid with The Herculoids @ T-Connection 1981

Mr Magic Disco Showcase (1981!)

DJ Red Alert @ KISS FM oldskool mastermix, 1985


DJ Red Alert @ KISS FM, 1984

Afrika Bambaataa @ James Monroe High School Bronx NYC

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince LIVE @ Union Square, NYC, 1987

The Captain Rock Story (the old school radio hour)

Treacherous 3 First Anniversary, Disco Fever 1981

1979: Grandmaster Flash & Kurtis Blow - Live @ Randy's

Spoony Gee - spoonin rap_live 1980

Spoonie Gee, LA Sunshine & Kool Moe Dee w DJ Easy Lee - P.A.L. '82

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 4 Jackson Projects 1978

Lovebug Starski, Treacherous Three, Spoonie Gee live at disco fever (updated .rar file)

Fantastic 5 @ T-Connection 1980 Cowboy's birthday party

Funkmaster Flex on 98.7 KISS FM March 1989

Funkmaster Flex on 107.5 WBLS FM April 1990

DJ Sammy B on 98.7 KISS FM August 1988

Marley Marl on 107.5 WBLS December 1987

DJ Red Alert on 98.7 KISS FM December 17, 1988

DJ Red Alert on 98.7 KISS FM October 21, 1994

DJ Red Alert on 98.7 KISS FM October 29, 1994

NY Radio single mixes

DJ Red Alert on KISS FM- November 1987 + extra

Sammy B on 98.7 KISS FM- June 11, 1988

Silver D on 107.5 WBLS- December 1992

DJ Sammy B on 98.7 KISS FM-- March/ April 1990

Clark Kent on 107.5 WBLS December 1989

Marley Marl on 107.5 WBLS 1987

Chuck Chillout/ Marley Marl 1986 part 1-3

DJ Red Alert on 98.7 KISS FM December 3, 1994

DJ Red Alert on 98.7 KISS FM December 3, 1994

World Famous Supreme Team 1982 Anniversary Show

great post from

1983-03-25 - Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five @ The Peppermint Lounge, New York, 1983-03-25

Red Alert show from 1986

The Latin Rascals, Pacos Supermix on 92 WKTU FM, 1984

Albert Cabrera / The Latin Rascals - Thumpin Freestyle Megamix

The Latin Rascals on 98.7 KISS FM Mastermix Dance Party, 1984

The Latin Rascals, Paco's Super Mix


4 x Latin Rascals @ 98.7 KISS FM, NY, 1985


The Saturday Night Mastermix Dance Party (KISS-FM)


groove therapy edit mix special: radio show about the latin rascals - feat. an interview with Albert Cabrera

The Latin Rascals @ WKTU, 1985

The Latin rascals @ WKTU: Hobo Whodini Minimix, 1985 (7.49)

The Latin Rascals @ WKTU: Best of 1985 Megamix (14.13)

The Latin Rascals - Paco's Supermix (35.20, broadcasted by studio 89, poor soundquality)

The Latin Rascals - Electric Kingdom Megamix, WKTU FM, 1984 (13.06)

The Latin Rascals - WKTU Paco Supermix (31.25, broadcasted by studio 89)

The Latin Rascals: saterday night master mix - 98.7 WRKS Kiss FM (44.51)

Richie Rich on Kiss FM: Rap Academy show from march 1992

Westwood show, dated 4/13/1995 on a promotional cassette

Tim Westwood, Capital Radio, febr. 5th 1988

Westwood show, incl. an interview with De La Soul 1989-04-08

Interview with DLS starts after 21 minutes.

Tim Westwood, Capital Rapshow, 1989-08-26 (updated file)

Tim Westwood Show on Capital Radio 1989-10-28


Melle Mel freestyling in the Westwood show

Westwood & Marley Marl In Control, 26 aug. 89

DJ Jazzy Jeff, live @ Westwood, Capital radio (1989)