Friday, February 27, 2009

DJ Whiz Kid house tape, 1981 (part1)

This is a great example of whiz kid's skills on the wheels of steel. He uses some crazy tunes, including the Star Wars theme.
Part one of very rare tape and a must have for every old school fan.


  1. I've been enjoying this site for a few weeks now... thank you so much!! this is history and it's incredible to be able to hear these original broadcats! As a DJ born in 1984, this one is particular amazing... to hear them rock doubles like that, back then... amazing!

  2. Wow! That reminded me of Grandmaster Flash at his best...before he had MC's. Thanks for posting! Rest in peace, Whiz Kid.

  3. just discovered your blog, fkin amazing. thankyou.

  4. A HUGE thanks for all these great historic sessions! Such a shame the world lost a great talent in the form of Whiz Kid (RIP).

    These tapes are a rarity and are priceless!

  5. So happy I found your site. Shared it with friends. Buggin out over the things you posted. This mixtape, is awesome. When you think of the year it was made. Wow, Whiz Kid would have been World Famous outside of Hip Hop if he didn't die at an early age.

    Respect and one luv!
    Dj Whut! from Copenhagen