Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dr Dre Operating Room show with KRS ONE and Scott La Rock, 1987-02-10

This is not just another old school radio show. The operating room shows from Dr. Dre are very hard to find. And this one is imo very special. It contains an interview with KRS and Scott La Rock (6 months before his death) about the bridge wars, one of the important chapters of hip hop history.
Scott is dissing Mr Magic, Shan and the Juice Crew and KRS is talking about The bridge and the reason to write 'the bridge is over'.
This is like a time capsule back to 1987.
If you want to hear a sample, check
If you want to download all the files (.rar), check:

Let me know what you think of it!


  1. Wow this is BonkERRRSS, thankyou for posting it, this is history right here

  2. Hey makker, dit is te gek! Vooral in het begin hoor ik een aantal nummers die ik nog nooit gehoord heb. Weet jij misschien de titels/gropen? Thanx!


  3. THIS. IS. DOPE!!!!!

    thank you for making it available for those of us that were only 4 years old back in '87

  4. is this dr dre from dr and ed lover, or dr. dre from nwa/etc??

  5. Dre from Yo mtv raps

  6. please re-up, like I said on the other anything KRS related would bring smiles ear to ear.