Tuesday, August 25, 2009

French old school hip hop: Free Style rapping on Radio Nova and Dee Nasty on the wheels of steel

You can find lot's of US and UK hip hop tapes on my blog and even some Dutch mixtapes. But thanx to Andrew everybody can now enjoy also some original french hip hop from back in the days.
How come? Well, Craig asked some time ago "Do you have any Radio Nova stuff, Dee Nasty or anything from that station ? Anyone know where I can find vintage Dee Nasty ?" in the cbox.
I hadn't, but Andrew responded that he had some. And today he mailed me 2 mp3's and 1 mpg.

Andrew, big props to you my friend. After MixMasta Tee, you are the 2nd one this week who mailed me some tapes to share and that makes me happy :-)

Enough said, here are the links:
19 minutes of freestyle rapping on Radio Nova, 1989:

More freestyle on Radio Nova, 1988 - 1989 (.rar) file:

French block party with Dee Nasty (1986)


  1. there s no comments cause nobody have megaupload ...

  2. @Anonymous The 1st: downloading from megaupload is free! all you have to do is fill in the code as shown to you in the upper right corner of your screen and start downloading!