Friday, September 11, 2009

Afrika Islam Zulu Beatshow 1983 - Dj Grazzhoppa collection, part 1

I got a mail today from Sami. He's from Brussels and the man behind

Sami wrote me that he recieved a lot of tapes from DJ Grazzhoppa, including some Afrika Islam tapes and that i could share those.
I have already most of the shows in my collection but not all and some of it can be found on this blog. But i will upload everything Sami sended my in the next week(s). More then 12 hours of Afrika Islam!
Here is part 1 (from 9).
Props to DJ Grazzhoppa and Sami!


  1. Hi Dutch,
    Great blog, you have some real historic stuff here. I noticed the link for pt 1 is dead, any chance of a re-up?


  2. Hey Dutch I dont know how to thank you my friend.
    I have been searching for this mix the best part of over 12years. They where a batch of ten tapes that could be bought from a punk dude at Rough trade records in the mid to late 80's I got this mix from a friend in the Zulu Rockers (break dance Crew in London) on a small number of us treasured and marveled at this mix.Those would go on to be great DJs on the London scene Billy Wiz (Billy Spider) DJ Pogo, Airborne etc. Well I had this mix for over 10 years and listened to it almost everyday for inspiration I lent it to some Swedish dufus who lost it. Then my Home boy from Zulu Rockers lent me his personal copy I lost that too. Hense why as a UK O.G. member I am still a Loser. However thanks to you the Light is back in my Culture.I know I sound Crazy but this particular mix 1 of 9 is like a Holy Bible of mix tapes apart I know and have all the tunes it but I have been missing the original for over 12 years I love it right down to the Hiss Later I will put it through a compressor to hear some of the tiny details in it. Once again thanks I am from London but I am currently living in the Hague.. I'm still in to the Culture but its lost its way a little. Thanks again Man you don't know how much happiness you have brought me today. Good Bless Dubkutter (Dub) Thats nothing to do with Dubstep I have always had that handle!!! Jah Love. Peace!

  3. That's great Carl, enjoy :-)