Saturday, October 24, 2009

Some of my favorite old school hip hop radio snippets (world famous, chuck chillout, marley marl, zulu beat show and more!)

At this moment i listen mostly to old school hip hop radio tapes. It's always nice to browse through your collection, hearing something that you haven't heard for a long time.
But there are some tapes that never bore me and i bookmarked the favorite parts on my mp3 player. I think you can find them all on my blog, but here are those snippets. Especially for those blog visitors who don't find the time to listen to all the uploaded tapes :-)

The World Famous Supreme Team Show (WHBI) are one of kind. One of the things i like best where the live callers. This is a 8.11 minute snippet from june 1982, including a crank caller.

Wild Style was the first motion hip hop picture. In this snippet from the Zulu Beat Show on WHBI, Fab 5 Freddy is talking about the movie (april 1983)

A true mashup from december 1983 as part of a KISS FM Mastermix dance party!!! Tony Humphries is mixing GLOBE and Whiz Kid's Play that beat with Heavy Vibes from the Montana Sextet for more then 5 minutes. Maybe from a technical point of view not a perfect mix but man, this has a jazzy hip hop sound that can't be beat.

A great Christmas 1984 KISS FM Mastermix by DJ Chuck Chillout (7.18 minutes)

And finally: Marley Marl showing his skills on the wheels of steel in a 1985 Mr Magic Rap Attack Show on WLBS (11.06 minutes)

Let me know what's your favorite snippet!

Monday, October 19, 2009

DJ Clark Kent on WBLS 1990

Sean and J-Carlitos dropped a request in the c-box. I uploaded a CCB (with Charlie Chase on the wheels of steel) yesterday and today it's time for Clark Kent on WBLS.

But i also decided to make a guideline regarding the usage of the c-box as a 'request line'. To make it a fair deal and to serve the purpose of this blog, here are some guidelines:
* only ask for a tape if you are willing to share one of your own;
* drop a link to an original upload (no links to other blogs) in the c-box or in my mailbox and tell me what you are looking for (tip: check my other blog for an overview of my collection)
* your tape must be within the scope of this blog.

No tapes to share? Well, let me share 200+ of mine first. Don't tell me that that's a bad deal :-)

Cold Crush Brothers live in Connecticut, 1982

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five live at Edeamore center 1980 (download)

I think its time for a live tape. So here is another show from Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five.
They are playing live at Edeamore center in 1980. The tape starts with the Funky Drummer and lot's of other classic funk tracks follow. The Furious Five are dropping lot's of names and are performing Superrappin'. The crowd loves it.

Part one:
Part two:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

New York wake up and take care of your hip hop heritage in the digital age before it's too late

The death of Mr Magic was for many a moment to reminisce about the time they where introduced to hip hop. Taping Mr Magic, Afrika Islam, The World Famous Supreme Team and other shows. Or about the joy of getting your hands on a copy of a Grandmaster Flash, Zulu Nation or Treacherous 3 blockparty. Those tapes traveled around the world. Spreading the news about the birth of a new music (and culture!) form called hip hop.

Many of those who decided to search the web the last week, trying to find some Mr Magic shows, landed on my blog or youtube channel. I think that most of them hadn’t heard a show for many years.

At first, it felt good that there where so many visitors on my site. But then I realized that there is something fundamentally wrong!
Why are sites, like the in their post about the death of Mr Magic, pointing to my site for those who want to listen to a show?

I have never been to New York (although I’m hoping to run the NY marathon one day) or even the US. Sure, I can feel hip hop running through my blood when I hear Flash or Whiz kid on the wheels of steal. But how is it possible that there are almost no live and radio shows online? And how about the fact that the probably largest online old school tape collection is managed by an hip hop loving 'volunteer' from a small European country?

Why do ‘old school headz’ talk about the tapes in their basements without taking action before it’s too late? And why is there so little interest in the early days of hip hop, besides when one of the founders dies?

Is there hope? Yes of course. I see tapemasters like Troy L Smith and Johnnie Freeze sharing pieces of their huge collections and many, like me, are thankful for that. I see some forums where hip hop fans meet and hip hop artists can be spotted here ‘in the wild’. But I think that’s not enough. It’s like a small family, sharing memories around the campfire.

However, that is not the way you should preserve your heritage. Look around and you see many initiatives to build digital online collections for cultural reasons. Libraries are doing it, Museums are doing it and even Google is doing it.

Sure, there will be some (legal) obstacles. But they can be overcome and this is not about making money! This is about preventing that an essential part of our hip hop culture is lost forever.
New York wake up! Tapemasters, radio stations, hip hop ‘industry’ and archive and internet experts join forces.
Build an online campfire, let people share there tapes and stories, restore old footage from radio stations and let old folks (like me) reminisce about ‘the good old days’ while the younger generations can discover the energy and the creativity that founded this art form.


Friday, October 9, 2009

And some more downloadable Mr Magic rap attack shows and tributes from DJ Eclipse and DJ Bee

A 3rd post to pay respect to Mr Magic. This time some rap attack shows with Marley Marl on the wheels of steel.
If you have some tapes yourself and want to share them: drop me a mail or share a hyperlink.
Spring 1987


The Halftime Show Mr. Magic Tribute 10/7/09 (2 parts)
FILE NAME: Halftime Show Mr. Magic Tribute PT.1.mp3
FILE NAME: Halftime Show Mr. Magic Tribute PT2.mp3

DJ Bee's: Needle To The Groove MrMagic Tribute:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some more Mr Magic shows to download

Lot's of visitors these days, looking for Mr Magic radio shows. Welcome all. It would be nice if some of you could share some memories in the c-box on the right.
In the meanwhile i will add some more shows.

August 1988: Mr. Magic Rap Attack Show (with DJ Chilly Q)

12-23-1988: Mr. Magic Rap Attack Show (with DJ Kevy Kev)

1987: rap attack show (with Marley Marl)

More to come

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Download Mr Magic Rap Attack Show WBLS

I'm uploading a large part of my Mr. Magic collection. Most of them can be found somewhere on the web, but this way you have them all in one place!

For all you super listeners, here is super rocking Mr Magic!

If you have some Mr Magic shows yourself: please drop me a link and i will add them!

disco showcase (snippet)





Mr. Magic disses Public Enemy & interview with Busy Bee:

Interview with Stetsasonic:


DJ Run in the studio (2 snippets)

Want more Mr Magic shows? Click on the 'mr magic' tag / label below.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Tribute to Mr Magic (RIP): disco showcase 1981

Mr Magic, one of the most important voices of hip hop, died today from a heart attack. To honer him, here is my all time favorite snippet from a 1981 show. Hip hop history!