Monday, October 19, 2009

DJ Clark Kent on WBLS 1990

Sean and J-Carlitos dropped a request in the c-box. I uploaded a CCB (with Charlie Chase on the wheels of steel) yesterday and today it's time for Clark Kent on WBLS.

But i also decided to make a guideline regarding the usage of the c-box as a 'request line'. To make it a fair deal and to serve the purpose of this blog, here are some guidelines:
* only ask for a tape if you are willing to share one of your own;
* drop a link to an original upload (no links to other blogs) in the c-box or in my mailbox and tell me what you are looking for (tip: check my other blog for an overview of my collection)
* your tape must be within the scope of this blog.

No tapes to share? Well, let me share 200+ of mine first. Don't tell me that that's a bad deal :-)

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