Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some more Mr Magic shows to download

Lot's of visitors these days, looking for Mr Magic radio shows. Welcome all. It would be nice if some of you could share some memories in the c-box on the right.
In the meanwhile i will add some more shows.

August 1988: Mr. Magic Rap Attack Show (with DJ Chilly Q)

12-23-1988: Mr. Magic Rap Attack Show (with DJ Kevy Kev)

1987: rap attack show (with Marley Marl)

More to come


  1. Here's the link to download Mr. Magic Rap Attack Volumes 1-5. May Rest in Peace Mr. Magic, hope he's in God's hands of what has the Lord blessed him with in his life and legacy that he's stapled in the history of new york hip-hop.

  2. This link is broken, by any chance can you re-up it:

    August 1988 Mr. Magic rap attack show (with DJ Chilly Q)