Saturday, October 24, 2009

Some of my favorite old school hip hop radio snippets (world famous, chuck chillout, marley marl, zulu beat show and more!)

At this moment i listen mostly to old school hip hop radio tapes. It's always nice to browse through your collection, hearing something that you haven't heard for a long time.
But there are some tapes that never bore me and i bookmarked the favorite parts on my mp3 player. I think you can find them all on my blog, but here are those snippets. Especially for those blog visitors who don't find the time to listen to all the uploaded tapes :-)

The World Famous Supreme Team Show (WHBI) are one of kind. One of the things i like best where the live callers. This is a 8.11 minute snippet from june 1982, including a crank caller.

Wild Style was the first motion hip hop picture. In this snippet from the Zulu Beat Show on WHBI, Fab 5 Freddy is talking about the movie (april 1983)

A true mashup from december 1983 as part of a KISS FM Mastermix dance party!!! Tony Humphries is mixing GLOBE and Whiz Kid's Play that beat with Heavy Vibes from the Montana Sextet for more then 5 minutes. Maybe from a technical point of view not a perfect mix but man, this has a jazzy hip hop sound that can't be beat.

A great Christmas 1984 KISS FM Mastermix by DJ Chuck Chillout (7.18 minutes)

And finally: Marley Marl showing his skills on the wheels of steel in a 1985 Mr Magic Rap Attack Show on WLBS (11.06 minutes)

Let me know what's your favorite snippet!


  1. I've been a fan of this site for a long time..

    Although there's too many great shows on here my favorite is still the Whiz Kid mixes he did at his home.


  2. Glad you like it William.
    Whiz Kid is one of my favorites too and that house tape is one of kind!

  3. thank you for sharing these tapes. i am dj'ing & showing the movie "wild style" next week, so the clip from fab5freddy is perfect. i dj free, don't charge for it, so i do not profit (maybe a free drink or 2), i simply enjoy moving the crowd (hopefully). anyway i really dig what you are all about here and if anybody asks where i got that from, i'll send them your way. also your page is a perfect reminder to audioheads that if you store your tapes correctly, they will last a long long time. i have tapes over 30 years old and they still play perfectly, but unfortunately no hip-hop history (i wish). but hearing "sucker mc's" on afrika islam's show from '83, for example, reminds me when i first heard that on the radio here in cleveland, so that takes me WAY back. keep doing what you do & connecting the dots, i love it!

  4. hey DJ Booblikon here,
    i found a cute little radio tape circa 1981 (probably off Disco 108/WDMT-FM, the first place Cleveland DJ's got to cut live-on-the-air), sort of a nice snapshot of the early Reagan administration to "Genius Of Love":
    the comedy bits are from this record (this was before the "Rappin' Ronnie" record) >