Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Memorable blog posts in 2009: Mr. Magic (RIP)

The final 2009 post can only have one subject: the death of Mr. Magic. The voice of hip hop died on the 2nd of October from a heart attack.

I posted a lot of rap attack shows in the days after his death. Others did the same and the importance of Magic was discussed on lot’s of forums. Many where reminiscing about their youth, how they were introduced to hip hop by Mr. Magic, while listening to his radio show. It showed not only the importance of Magic, but also of hip hop in general for a whole generation.

But when I look back, I have to conclude that this was only a temporary ‘revival’. Check for example these statistics from Google Trends, it speaks for itself. After a few days the term 'mr. magic' was as often searched on Google as before october 2nd.

For most people, it was nice to look back, but after that, it’s ‘back to their daily lives’.

And that strengthen my believe about the importance of taking care of the hip hop heritage in the digital age.

There was an interesting discussion on my blog about the idea to build an online archive ( ). And to be honest, I don’t think that this will be realized in 2010, but maybe someday :-). In the meanwhile, I will keep sharing tapes, just like others did before me and hopefully more will do in the future.

And finally, to end 2009 properly, i want to give shout outs to freeze, troy, simmo, Oxygene, ramses, olskool4real, and one, gmm, djbite, cutperseboy, repo136, soulman, jimmy, gee, julian, stretch, rich, supremeunknown, memoryman, a to the l, bobs, keimo, Andrew, Sami, Brandan, gildog, 238beats, djest, Irish Craig, Waxer, Mixmasta Tee and all other old school tape lovers! Thanx for keeping the spirit of the early days alive!

Have a great NYE and a happy New Year!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Memorable blog posts in 2009: The Wyandanch High School tape and the Philly, YMCA on 52nd St. tape from 1985

Like the banner stated: I started this blog to share some of my tapes to keep the spirit of the early days alive. But I also hoped that others would be inspired to do the same. Through their own channels or by hitting me up with some of their tapes so I could upload these on my blog.
Several visitors did, like Ginja, Andrew, Sami, Steva AKA Bobs and Mixmasta Tee. Big props to them and I hope that they, and others, will do the same in 2010.
But I have to thank especially one person, who surprised us in December with 2 ultra rare tapes. Of course I’m talking about Oxygen and his Wyandanch High School tape (with a young Rakim and Bizz Markie) and Philly tape (with Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money and Spinbad).

It was very interesting to see how the rumor about the uploaded Rakim tape spread the web and it was discussed on many forums. And although the Philly tape was not overlooked, i think that olschool4real has stated correctly that it looks like the interest for Philly's foundation doesn't draw that much interest. IMO that’s a shame.

For those who like to know more about the Wyandanch HS tape: check Jesse Serwer’s blog, especialy and (interview with Oxygen)

The original posts on this blog:

Monday, December 28, 2009

Memorable blog posts in 2009: Whiz Kid’s House Tape

I started my blog about a year ago. And because these are the last days of 2009, I want to finish this year with a ‘countdown’ by looking back at 3 posts from the past year that where special to me.

The first is the Whiz Kid’s House Tape that I posted in 2 parts (in February and March). This is special to me because it is one of my favorite tapes. Listening to this tape makes me both happy and sad at the same time.

It makes me happy because to me this is hip hop in its purest form. Raw and creative. Whiz kid is showing some incredible skills, especially when you keep in mind that this is a tape from 1981.

But it also makes me sad, knowing that Whiz Kid died in the late 80’s, apparently from a brain tumor and that there is hardly any information on Whiz Kid on the web. The fact that there are generations of hip hop fans and DJ’s that probably have never heard of him, makes me want to share this tape on every blog, just to tell people ‘listen, learn and don’t forget’.

For those who want to know some more about Whiz Kid, here is a quote from MC Lucky on the OSHH forum about the way Whiz started his ‘dj career’:
"Originally Harold (Whiz Kid) didn't even want to dj...he just did it in the house. Ironically me (MC Lucky) and his brother Mike (Mike G) had another dj who is the brother of the late Pumpkin. We finally convinced Harold G (as he was known) to join us, we dropped the other dj, and became DJ Whiz Kid and the High Powered MCs. I lived in Twin Parks (183 & Prospect) so I would bring Harold and Mike around and we started playing music in the projects. Later we added Cisco who used to hang out with Charlie Chase and we became the High Powered 3 MCs. After doing a lot of block stuff we started doing the T-Connection with Herc and that's when Whiz Kid really blew up."

For those of you who missed the original blog posts: here are the 2 parts of the house tape:

Part 1:
Part 2:

Cut it up Whiz!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry christmas! Some old school radio shows and live tapes to get in the mood

Seasons greatings everybody! To celibrate Christmas, here are some related old school radio tapes and live shows. Enjoy!

Harlem World - December 1981 Christmas Rappers Convention - Amateur and Semi-Professional Performances and the Professional Division

RUN DMC - Christmas In Hollis @ the Marley Marl Show, 1987

Biz Markie and BDK, live: X-rated rap, including X-mas freestyle

Mike Allen Xmas 1985 Show:

Mike Allen National Fresh - Christmas 87

DJ Red Alert @ Kiss FM, x-mas eve, 1993.This is a great tribute to the 'old school' show

Grandmaster Flash & Kurtis Blow, live in NY, 1995: christmas rap

Seasons greatings from Mr Magic! December 1987:

Chuck Chillout - KISS Mastermix, december 1985.Starts with a great x-mas mix!

The official voice of hip hop Mr Magic, rap attack show, xmas 1988

Super Sonic 4 M.C.s live at ecstasy garage 12-26-80

Opening your xmas presents with Mr Magic and Red Alert!Hot 97, xmas 1996'
part 1:
part 2:

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mikey D & The LA Posse, Junior High School 231 Playground - Jamaica, Queens, NY, July 1986

Much respect to Oxygen, who is spoiling us with yet another tape!

It's Mikey D @ The LA Posse at JHS 231 Playground, Jamaica, Queens NY from July 1986.


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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wyandanch High School Jam (1985) Featuring: Biz Markie, Kid Wizard Rakim, MC Chilly Dawg, Grandwizard BMC & DJ Fantasy, Inc.

Oxygen is sharing another piece of history!
Its a Strong Island rarity that many talk about but not many own and it's a world premier on the web!
It's the full recording of the Wyandance High School Jam from 1985, including the pre-party featuring another local crew.

Here are the details:

Wyandanch High School Jam (1985)
Biz Markie, Kid Wizard Rakim, MC Chilly Dawg, Grandwizard BMC & DJ Fantasy, Inc.

(1 of 2): The pre-party festivities jumped off by
DJ Fantasy, Inc. rocking over the vintage 'beatbox' drum machine.

(2 of 2): The main event featuring
Biz Markie with DJ Grandwizard BMC (from the group Groove B. Chill) joined by MC Chilly Dawg(aka Daryl "Chill" Mitchell, also from Groove B. Chill). Later on, a VERY SPECIAL impromptu guest appearance from none other than the Kid Wizard Rakim Allah!!! He drops a couple of verses during track #10 in the folder.

Oxygen, you're the man!

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

PHILLY JAM '85 at the 52ND STREET YMCA, Feat. Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, Grandmaster Nell, Spinbad & Force Five Productions

Ok family, fasten your seatbelts cause the next tape will be one big trip. Oxygen is sharing a true gem with us all. And if you are from Philly, then consider this the best x-mas gift you can get :-) and it's free!

It's is a live tape from 1985 at the YMCA on 52nd St. in Philly with Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, Grandmaster Nell, Spinbad & Force Five Productions.
How about that line up. And all of the DJ's are performing at their best, spinning not only classic funk tracks but also many hip hop and electro tracks.

Oxygen, many props for sharing this monster from your collection. You made my day!

Side 1, part 1 (40 minutes):
Side 2: Part 2-9 (37 minutes, rar file):

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Five Percenters Anniversary: Lord Bless (R.I.P.), Born K.G., King Allah and DJ Captain Quick @ Flatbush, Brooklyn, 1984

I got another email from Oxygen (Crate Invaders / Sputnik Brown: Long Island, NY).
He is cleaning up his cassettes and wanted to share two tapes. The first one is:

Five Percenters Anniversary (1984)
Flatbush, Brooklyn
Featuring Lord Bless (R.I.P.), Born K.G., King Allah and DJ Captain Quick.
Total time: 36.14

This is a true old school tape! The sound quality of the tape is getting worse at the end but for most part it's surprisingly good.
Props to Oxygen for sharing this. Many thanx my brother!

If you are a new visitor and/or don't know where to start: check the posts with the 'classic' label to get quick access to some real gems!