Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Memorable blog posts in 2009: Mr. Magic (RIP)

The final 2009 post can only have one subject: the death of Mr. Magic. The voice of hip hop died on the 2nd of October from a heart attack.

I posted a lot of rap attack shows in the days after his death. Others did the same and the importance of Magic was discussed on lot’s of forums. Many where reminiscing about their youth, how they were introduced to hip hop by Mr. Magic, while listening to his radio show. It showed not only the importance of Magic, but also of hip hop in general for a whole generation.

But when I look back, I have to conclude that this was only a temporary ‘revival’. Check for example these statistics from Google Trends, it speaks for itself. After a few days the term 'mr. magic' was as often searched on Google as before october 2nd.

For most people, it was nice to look back, but after that, it’s ‘back to their daily lives’.

And that strengthen my believe about the importance of taking care of the hip hop heritage in the digital age.

There was an interesting discussion on my blog about the idea to build an online archive ( ). And to be honest, I don’t think that this will be realized in 2010, but maybe someday :-). In the meanwhile, I will keep sharing tapes, just like others did before me and hopefully more will do in the future.

And finally, to end 2009 properly, i want to give shout outs to freeze, troy, simmo, Oxygene, ramses, olskool4real, and one, gmm, djbite, cutperseboy, repo136, soulman, jimmy, gee, julian, stretch, rich, supremeunknown, memoryman, a to the l, bobs, keimo, Andrew, Sami, Brandan, gildog, 238beats, djest, Irish Craig, Waxer, Mixmasta Tee and all other old school tape lovers! Thanx for keeping the spirit of the early days alive!

Have a great NYE and a happy New Year!


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