Monday, December 28, 2009

Memorable blog posts in 2009: Whiz Kid’s House Tape

I started my blog about a year ago. And because these are the last days of 2009, I want to finish this year with a ‘countdown’ by looking back at 3 posts from the past year that where special to me.

The first is the Whiz Kid’s House Tape that I posted in 2 parts (in February and March). This is special to me because it is one of my favorite tapes. Listening to this tape makes me both happy and sad at the same time.

It makes me happy because to me this is hip hop in its purest form. Raw and creative. Whiz kid is showing some incredible skills, especially when you keep in mind that this is a tape from 1981.

But it also makes me sad, knowing that Whiz Kid died in the late 80’s, apparently from a brain tumor and that there is hardly any information on Whiz Kid on the web. The fact that there are generations of hip hop fans and DJ’s that probably have never heard of him, makes me want to share this tape on every blog, just to tell people ‘listen, learn and don’t forget’.

For those who want to know some more about Whiz Kid, here is a quote from MC Lucky on the OSHH forum about the way Whiz started his ‘dj career’:
"Originally Harold (Whiz Kid) didn't even want to dj...he just did it in the house. Ironically me (MC Lucky) and his brother Mike (Mike G) had another dj who is the brother of the late Pumpkin. We finally convinced Harold G (as he was known) to join us, we dropped the other dj, and became DJ Whiz Kid and the High Powered MCs. I lived in Twin Parks (183 & Prospect) so I would bring Harold and Mike around and we started playing music in the projects. Later we added Cisco who used to hang out with Charlie Chase and we became the High Powered 3 MCs. After doing a lot of block stuff we started doing the T-Connection with Herc and that's when Whiz Kid really blew up."

For those of you who missed the original blog posts: here are the 2 parts of the house tape:

Part 1:
Part 2:

Cut it up Whiz!


  1. Cut it up Whiz, Cut it up!
    being a member of Zulu Nation(1993-present, been a while since I did any Zulu-based things, though), we were schooled on Hip Hop. I knew people who knew him..He was a great man.
    Peace ahkis,kings and queens

  2. too mean...too clean!!! thanks again for this one... very inspiring!

  3. Whiz Kid and Jazzy Jay (and the other Zulus) were probably my biggest inspiration in starting DJ'ing and collecting records, which is was now nearly 30 years ago now! (In my 40's).

    I know now Jay and I've told him this previously - but it's a shame that I never met Whiz to tell him the same. I've also said the same a number of times that there is no info on Whiz anywhere either on the Internet or in written form. But the people who really know about Hip Hop know about Whiz.

    Cut it up Whiz!

  4. Tracklist, anyone?
    Yeah'll never happen. But I sure wish I could identify these deep cuts

  5. Thanks for the sharing of this key to importantance of hip hop culture. Whiz Kid has always inspired me, just from his styles on
    Play That beat Mr DJ.
    :D peace and I anticipate sharing my reviews and hearing your tapes. t hanks thanks thanks.

  6. Well this is his (Whizkid) daughter and I thank u guys for the love your showing my dad after all these years and yes my dad was Hip Hop!!!!!R.i.p. Daddy love always LaToya McGuire your second born!!!!!

    1. Hey LaToya,

      This is Paul Nice. I knew your dad from our mutual love of hip hop of course, but especially kung fu movies! LOL! Seriously, people don't know, but Whiz was the first to sample kung fu flicks in beats - way before Wu Tang Clan. I have very fond memories of me and your dad going all around the 5 boroughs digging for rare flicks. Good memories. "Whiz" was a good dude. I miss him.


    2. Hi LaToya,
      sorry, didn't notice your post before but thanks for sharing. I'm a big Whiz Kid fan and you will find several tapes on my blog. Some are re-ups. If there is a tape that's not online anymore and you want to hear it, let me know!

    3. Only just found the Whizkid tapes on YouTube that I was listening to when I was a kid. I probably still have the cassettes somewhere too. It's frightening how such an influential DJ is hardly anywhere to be found!

      Respect to your father. Peace to you.