Thursday, December 3, 2009

PHILLY JAM '85 at the 52ND STREET YMCA, Feat. Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, Grandmaster Nell, Spinbad & Force Five Productions

Ok family, fasten your seatbelts cause the next tape will be one big trip. Oxygen is sharing a true gem with us all. And if you are from Philly, then consider this the best x-mas gift you can get :-) and it's free!

It's is a live tape from 1985 at the YMCA on 52nd St. in Philly with Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, Grandmaster Nell, Spinbad & Force Five Productions.
How about that line up. And all of the DJ's are performing at their best, spinning not only classic funk tracks but also many hip hop and electro tracks.

Oxygen, many props for sharing this monster from your collection. You made my day!

Side 1, part 1 (40 minutes):
Side 2: Part 2-9 (37 minutes, rar file):

If you are a new visitor and/or don't know where to start: check the posts with the 'classic' label to get quick access to some real gems!


  1. No get major props!!!

    This is the definition of "rare gem".

    Peace & Blessings

  2. I will probably use this same comment on your site Dutch!! First off let me say Thank You Thank You Thankkkk You, now moving right along my comments. When I first saw this posted I went crazy I was glad that z share player was going so I didn't have to wait 20 sec. Ha!Ha! I was in tears man there is no tops for a Xmas presents for me than this, I hope some pop up from even further back but just to hear the original Spinbad and Force Five was crazy I even remember the scratches, I believe this was around 85 though not sure. I can tell you Jazzy had more cuts than that by 86 and Cash was off the damn chains!! It was so funny how we sounded then, hearing rappers trying to get their sh** off while the DJ's going bezerk!! I can attest as a Philly m.c. many D.J.'s of my time did not like rappers who did that, when a DJ went bezerk it was his time but desperate m.c.'s wanted to get off so bad that they just tried to rap through it!! The better acts knew when to shut up and let the DJ go Jeff got that in Will and ICEE later on, Rockwell and Spicy T travelled around a bit they weren't necessarily his m.c.'s but they were down with him when he was first catching fire.
    Grandmaster Nell was a bad mother you know what but he was also very arrogant and when these cats jumped on the scene he was really only showing up places getting shouted out but took a back seat for the most part his reighn was from like the early 80's to about 85 when all the others and then some started cuttin it up the way they were!! Mad props to Oxygen who supplied this gemm and I do mean a gemm you the man kid!! Took this Philly cat back 4real!!

    My only concern at this point is why this thread isn't flooded? The interest for Philly's foundation doesn't draw that much interest hgh? People often ask for facts and here it is!!

  3. @all: thanx for your comments! Olskool, you are the expert regarding Philly tapes: Oxygen just mailed me that it is indeed 1985

  4. I didn't hear Grandmaster Nell on this. Only Spinbad,Jeff & CM.

  5. do u happen to have spinbad's "classics" vol 1 and/or vol 2? i only have vol 3.

  6. Yall forgot the hotel Philadelphia mc grand tone and cesar


  8. Do you have anything from when Jazzy Jeff and others used to spin at the Belmont Plateau on top of the refreshment stand roof?

  9. Sound Stage DJ's and DJ Lightinin' Rich from North Philly.

  10. Looking for The album that can out around 87 from MC Rockwell & DJ Cooley T

  11. Looking for The album that can out around 87 from MC Rockwell & DJ Cooley T