Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Memorable blog posts in 2009: The Wyandanch High School tape and the Philly, YMCA on 52nd St. tape from 1985

Like the banner stated: I started this blog to share some of my tapes to keep the spirit of the early days alive. But I also hoped that others would be inspired to do the same. Through their own channels or by hitting me up with some of their tapes so I could upload these on my blog.
Several visitors did, like Ginja, Andrew, Sami, Steva AKA Bobs and Mixmasta Tee. Big props to them and I hope that they, and others, will do the same in 2010.
But I have to thank especially one person, who surprised us in December with 2 ultra rare tapes. Of course I’m talking about Oxygen and his Wyandanch High School tape (with a young Rakim and Bizz Markie) and Philly tape (with Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money and Spinbad).

It was very interesting to see how the rumor about the uploaded Rakim tape spread the web and it was discussed on many forums. And although the Philly tape was not overlooked, i think that olschool4real has stated correctly that it looks like the interest for Philly's foundation doesn't draw that much interest. IMO that’s a shame.

For those who like to know more about the Wyandanch HS tape: check Jesse Serwer’s blog, especialy http://jesseserwer.com/blog/?p=254 and http://jesseserwer.com/blog/?p=290 (interview with Oxygen)

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  1. ANY old school Philly Hip Hop you got post it. There's one cat out there interested, that's me! Daoud the Pirate7x. Peace!

    Hit me: eldaoud777@hotmail.com