Sunday, January 24, 2010

Look what i found on the web (1)

Still hungry for more old school live / radio material? Then check the following (recent) posts on other blogs and forums:

98.7 KISS FM: Johnnie Freeze shares a lot of Red Alert, Chuck Chillout, Latin Rascals and other classic radiomixes on

DJ Stepston's tape rips: lots and lots of (uk) tapes, mostly from the 90's

DJ Fresh G's tape rips. Seems that this blog isn't updated but it contains some great radio shows from the (early) 90's

J Rocc is sharing some rare KDAY material on

DJ Soul's radioshow 'The Blockparty'. Every show contains some classic live stuff

The Stretch & Bobbito Show history (thanx for the tip Roy)




  1. ROFL!! Stoney Jackson is J Rocc's (The Beat Junkies) Blog. Stoney Jackson was a famous 80's actor.

    I guess humor in the american context is lost upon europeans.

  2. Check it out..

  3. wow I'm guessing from your wording of the post you don't know who the Beat Junkies are nor who J Rocc is. That's a surprise! Before today I was pretty sure anybody who knows anything about Hip Hop would know who J Rocc is. I guess the Beat Junkie Sound never made to Europe.

    The Beat Junkies:

  4. thanks for finding these! I love hearing the old Stretch shows