Friday, January 29, 2010

Treacherous 3, Infinity Machine, Spoonie Gee & Dj Lady Love - Live @ Connecticut, 1980

I received emails from Starchild and Lady Love this week regarding old school tapes on which they perform. It's always nice to help people out, but when it's an artist is asking for his/her tape then on one hand it's great to talk to someone who was part of the scene and on the other hand it's a pity that many artists don't have their own performances on tape. Both Starchild and Lady Love shared some interesting anectdotes.

The first one is from Lady Love and it's about her performance with Treacherous 3, Infinity Machine and Spoonie Gee @ Connecticut, 1980.

"it was crazy, we all rode on a bus up to Conn it was like a big party, It was the first time anybody asked for my autograph.. I was so shocked.. I was so shy then I really didnt talk, I just got on the turntables, did my thing and watched everybody else in amazement, i was in awe myself when Special k got on the mike for me..on the bus ride up, he asked me who my mc was, i told him i didnt have one, so he waited to see if i could really spin and he rocked it for me, then DJ Divine and Disco Kid got on and I was in heaven, i knew them from Queens, we all played the Fantasia together with dj woody wood, disco kids brother..i was shocked at Divine mc'ing cause he was a DJ, but they all helped me that night....."

Thanks Denise AKA Lady Love for sharing! And for those who want to listen to the tape:

or download the .rar file:

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