Saturday, January 2, 2010

Zulu Nation 6th Anniversary at Bronx River Center 1981

Zulu Nation is performing 'jazzy sensation'. Then the Magical Four take the stage.
total time: 25.02 , Part of the anniversary show.


  1. I heard this tape when i was in Sleep away camp,The fella who was up in the camp Would work in the kitchin and DJ our party,s but he also DJ ed for the Jzzy 5 at time,s most dont know about the group The Devious 3 Master dee,Kid Kay duce and Aj lester,So hed played mad old school tape,s his name was DJ Soundshaper Holiday,When i heard the 6th ann they tore it up,But vave was the Jazzy five they rocked the ekco chamber sick,That,s the first time they droped Big Beat and Kay Gee of Cold Crush was feelin it a Bam Beat,If it was nt for them IceWater of the Nubian Mob would of never been,Thank,s Master Ice,For the influence on IceWater,Shout out to my dude Mr Freeze from the Jay 5

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