Tuesday, February 2, 2010

DJ Rock Dee radioshow on WMSE and a Funkin' Your Head Up mixtape

Darrel D send me 2 cd's with material from DJ Rock Dee. Rock Dee was an old school Milwaukee legend. Sadly he died in 2008.

The first cd contains a 91.7 WMSE radio Funk Friday show from Rock Dee, dated 4-2-1993.

The second cd is a Funkin' Your Head Up mixtape (vol. 10).

Thanx for sharing these tapes Darrel. There isn't much material from Rock Dee on the web so i know for sure you make some people happy with this because it's part of their memories and others because you introduced them to a great dj!


  1. As a fellow DJ from WMSE, I thank you for taking your time to find this rare material and post it for us all to enjoy.

    Dori Zori

  2. thank you so much for posting this. rock dee was a buddy and mentor of mine. he will be greatly missed. i'm glad that his memory will live through his love of music. darrell d.

  3. Big ups for posting these mixes. One of my favorite memories from the Milwaukee days was watching Rock Dee cut up "Peter Piper" at "The Roxy." RIP to an icon in the world of hip hop and the DJ culture. "Just keep Rockin"

    Robot Rok