Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Look what i found on the web (2)

Still hungry for more old school live / radio material? Then check the following (recent) posts on other blogs and forums:

Normal Bias: lot's of (90's) tapes including some great hip hop radio tapes http://www.normalbias.org/category/by-genre/hip-hop/

Mixes DB: i think most of you know this famous website/wiki. It contained not only tracklists but also uploaded mix and live shows. Some time ago the links to the shows where removed because of legal issues but it seems that (some of) the tapes are live again (hosted on mixcloud). These are the hip hop tapes (some online, some not): http://www.mixesdb.com/db/index.php/Category:Hip_Hop_(Old_School)

The Kool Skool: a great blog with lots of interviews, vids and tapes! Check the last post about the Rock Steady Crew 16th Anniversary 1993 Live From Rock Steady Park New York


  1. Thanks for the link to Normal Bias! I've been a fan of this blog for a while now, so I definitely appreciate it.


  2. Thanks for the great links! as always!