Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mike Allen with the Groove Electro Sales Chart @ Capital Radio, 10-04-85

Mike Allen is possibly the most requested radio DJ in the cdbox of this blog. Thanx to chaps like Simo, Ramses, Repoman, Craig and Bobs i have more tapes of the Boss then from any other hip hop radio DJ and you can find about 20 of those tapes on this blog.
Here is another one, dated october 4th 1986 (props to gee).

Check: for an overview of all my Mike Allen tapes (about 60)

I know for sure that there must be some visitors who have one or more fresh Mike Allen tapes that i don't have. So, if you got own radio recordings, digitised or not, please let me know! Then we can share some more :-)


  1. Thanks for the Mike Allen tape. I have loads but they need to be put on tape and I am a lazy old git. I will get to it at some point.

  2. more mike allen please, grew up with it and love it