Thursday, March 4, 2010

A load of Mike Allen en Tim Westwood tapes

This blog post is powered by Ruse One. He is sharing a load of Mike Allen and Tim Westwood tapes he taped back in the days.
Great collection, so big props.
Mike Allen, 28th dec 1985 - just before the best of 1985

Mike Allen, 17th Oct 1986 parts 1 2 and 3

Mike Allen, 3rd April 1987 parts 1 and 2

Mike Allen, 18 October 1986

Mike Allen, Best of 1985 28th dec 1985 parts 1 and 2

Mike Allen, 25th October 1986

Some stuff from the radio feb 1990 (Kiss/Capital/London cant remember which or could be all 3)

Capital Rap Show Westwood 16th Nov 1990

Capital Rap Show Westwood 18th Nov 1989 Parts 1 and 2

Capital Rap Show Westwood 20th July 1990

Kiss FM october 1990
1984 LWR


  1. Many thanks for posting Dutch, and an extra special thanks to Ruse One for posting all that Mike Allan magic!

  2. Just wanna say a massive thanks for sharing the love. I only owned a couple of TDKs back in the heady days of '85 and had to tape over the Mike Allen shows I had taped the weeks before - sad huh, but true. So these are a wonderful gift and blast from the past. Thanks again.

  3. iv been trying to get hold of some old school mike allen tapes. and now i have ,wicked. i to used to record it.but all my tapes just got lost. i loved mc shan "down by law" & mantronix "simple simon". i dont boffer with westwood was much better then. thanks dude. mc gear.

  4. I got a shit load of Westwood - capital rap show between 1990 - 1994!!

  5. @a: you are more then welcome to share them on my blog!