Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Funky 4+1, Rahiem, Cowboy, Ruby Dee, Bambaataa, Ikey cee and Lil Dave @ T-Connection, 1980

Lot's of old school heroes on this tape!
After about 100 minutes there is some rumor about a shoot out (or was it only a firecracker...)
Thanx to KEIMO481ZONE for sharing!



  1. I found your blog recently and I want to thank you for putting this out on the net. This is the sound of history in the making. Its like the Lascaux caves of hip hop, its even more, it is the essence of hiphop. With your efforts in getting this out there we can hope that the knowledge and appreciation of pure hip hop will expand beyond the lucky few who have a copy of these tapes. Remind people what this was all about. I hear many so called hip hoppers talk about the music of the late nineties as "old school hip hop", as if all hip hop becomes old school after a few years, as if "old school" just meant "old". Yet the thing is, even though old school may be old, much of it is still fresh, and these tapes are as fresh as they come. Which cant be said of much current hiphop, that stuff gets old the next year.
    You are doing the community a tremendous effort in getting this out, and personally I am very grateful for that.

    I have a few tapes with Busy Bee and Whiz Kid, but I haven't got any fancy equipment to digitize it. I mean, I can plug my walkman into my crappy soundcard, but will that suffice? Personally, I dont give a damn, all I care about is if the spirit comes through, tape hiss and noise is sometimes just a bonus for a cassette tape fanatic.

  2. HI Alee, thanx for your comment! I know what you mean.
    Regarding that Whiz Kid tape: you know what the title is?

  3. On the case it says Zulu Nation Herculoids T-Connection Disco '80, and it has Jazzy Jay, Pow Wow, Lil Ikey C, MC Globe, Master Ice, Whiz Kid, Ultimate Three, Herculoids, Imperial 3, Bambaataa and Cold Crush 4 on it. I just singled out Whiz Kid cuz he is my favorite. Else it is a very good tape, much bang for the buck, can't count how many times I heard it. Maybe you already have it though. If you don't I will gladly digitize it. The copy is straight from Tape Master's hands it seems, bought it in Fat Beats some 10 years ago. Another one of my faves is titled "Autobonne Ballroom '81" (if I have to get semantic I would point out that it should be Audubon, but whatever), but I don't have more info on that one. They do a segment over the commodores assembly line break, talking about "her" and her sister, quite fun.

  4. Hi Alee, i'm not sure i have that T-Connection tape. Based on your description an't find an exact match with the tapes i have. Would appreciate it very much if you could digitize it and send me a link!

  5. I will digtize as soon as possible, have to get my equipment sorted out fist. I am guessing mono will be OK. Looking forward to share.