Saturday, June 26, 2010

92 KTU Battle of the Disco DJs (1982)

Not 100% on topic, but part of NY radio history: the '92 KTU Battle of the Disco DJs' from 1982

DJs: Tony Sanchez, Aldo Marin & José ''The Animal'' Diaz
John ''Jellybean'' Benitez & David Colonna Spanisi
source: MFS

And an earlier contest mix from Hippy Torales
source: vjs

If anybody has more 92 KTU Battle of the Disco DJs mixes, please let me know. I know at least one man, no, i'm not talking about me :-), that would be very happy if Jim Chopper Cohn's mix would pop up.


  1. Thanks man. I've always got big inspiration from the early disco mixers. If you new DJs want to learn how to beatmatch, grab some disco records because mixing songs with live drums will help you hone your skills beyond all these newbies.

  2. I have Joey Irazari, and Preston Powell ,
    which were part of Part 7 of the Battle Of The Disco Djs, (besides the Hippy Torales that I already put up). I will transfer the Joey Irazaria and Preston Powell as soon as I can.
    You can e mail me anytime

  3. Does MFS have more from Battle Of The Disco Djs ?
    The recording of Aldo Marin cuts off shortly after he starts, and it never makes it to
    Jose Animal Diaz. Would be great to hear the rest if Aldo, and also Jose Animal Diaz.
    My e mail is