Sunday, August 1, 2010

NYC Spinmasters and Afrika Islam KDAY 1580 mix

Another hard to find KDAY mix. This time from the NYC Spinmasters and Afrika Islam. It was shared by Blinddog. He has more tapes, waiting to be digitalized, so maybe one day more will follow.
There is some background noice from another radio station, but still: a great catch!

Any blog visitor who has KDAY hip hop mix from the 80's to share: please drop me an email!


  1. hi , & much respect for the blog ,can you tell me please what is 1 st track in this mix ? i hope you know it , merci

  2. First track you hear is Roxanne Roxanne - UTFO, followed by Star Wars Theme - John Williams and Hen Gee and Evil E
    (aka spinmasters) with Brothers