Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tim Westwood on LWR radio, 1984

An early Westwood tape. Shared some years ago on def-momentum but too bad, that website is no longer online. Nice show with lots of old school classics (don't let the hick up in the first few seconds scare you off)

BTW, I'm experimenting with new tools to share files. Zshare was my favorite because with 1 click you could listen to the mp3 file, but the type of ads become more and more annyoing. Multiupload makes it possible to share files by more then 1 website but it takes a long time to upload.
This time i use fairtilizer. Let me know what you think about it.


  1. you cant download the track from fairtilizer?

    streaming only that is annoying

  2. there is some way to d/l from fairtilizer, but i think it involves selling your soul to pixies, or something.

    until i can work out how to get it, thanks for the stream!

  3. Thanx for comments so far. I enabled downloading for this tape. Will check if it's possible to enable / disable downloading for individual tapes.

  4. Hey DUTCH

    Thanks for enableing download:)

  5. Hi
    This was one of my uploads to Def Momentum...
    Plenty more on the way once I get my desk sorted!!!!

  6. @ Ruse One: That would be great!

  7. dose any one have any barry bee mastermix dance party mixes would love to hear some mail me if you do

  8. I used to rush home from school about this time to catch Westwood's show. Would be so good to hear this. Any chance you could fix the link? Cheers

    1. in this UK folder you can find several westwood shows: