Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Music Seminar MC & DJ Battle 1988

Hosted by Mike Allen and Lady B. Too bad that there are so many technical problems during this show. Battle starts with D-Nasty versus All-Star Fresh, a dutch DJ.

All-Star Fresh Vs. D-Nasty
Kane Vs. Bango
Battlecat Vs. Cutmaster Swift/
Eazy T Vs. Paul Ever Fresh
Jonny Vee Vs. Johnny Juice
Malik O Love Vs. King Sun
M Rock Vs. Miz
Mr. X Vs. Mikey D
Pogo Vs. Richie Rich
Devastator Vs. Raven T
Melle Mel Performs
Ronan Vs. Serch

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mike Allen - National Fresh, September 1986

Here is a 46 minute tape of a Nation Fresh show from september 1986. Shared by richiek some years ago on the OSHH.
It's editted (no chuck chill) but the boss still sounds freshhh.

Friday, September 24, 2010

New Music Seminar MC & DJ Battle, 1987

Now and then, i get emails from tape collectors who came across memory man's house of tape post, but where too late: all they found where dead links. JB send me an email: he was in time to download the stack but his harddisk crashed recently.
Luckily i have copies on 3 hard disks :-)
So, here is the famous battle tape. It contains:

Mr. Mixx Vs. Vandy C.
Melle Mel Vs. MC Breeze
Cutmaster D.C. Vs. Joe Cooley
Grandmaster Caz Vs. Bango
Mixmaster Ice Vs. Easy G.
King Sun Vs. Disco C.
Cash Money Vs. Jazzy Joyce
Grandmaster Caz Vs. Melle Mel
Mr. Mixx Vs. Joe Cooley
Cash Money Vs. Easy G
Melle Mel Vs. King Sun Vs. Caz
Cash Money Vs. Joe Cooley

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Afrika Bambaataa live at Penrods Fort lauderdale, 10-2-82

Classic live elektro by Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force. Including 'planet rock'!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Kool DJ Red Alert, KISS FM, 1984

A second show from Red Alert this week. This tape is also from 1984. Lot's of classic hip hop tracks. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

DJ Red Alert On 98.7 KISS FM, show dated 12-29-1984

Another classic radio show from DJ Red Alert on KISS FM, dated 12-29-1984. Found this one on a house(!) website. Here is the original link:
And a link to zshare:

Props to Peter Colon for uploading this tape on

01] Jonzun Crew f\ Michael Jonzun - Lovin' – Tommyboy (USA) [1984]
02] New Edition – Mr. Telephone Man – MCA (USA) [1984]
03] Fresh 3 M.C.'s - Have Your Heart – Profile (USA) [1984]
04] Fat Boys – Can You Feel It – Sutra (USA) [1984]
05] L.L. Cool J – I Need A Beat (Vocal Mix) - Def Jam Recordings (USA) [1984]
06] Cold Crush Brothers - Fresh, Wild, Fly And Bold - Tuff City (USA) [1984]
07] The Furious Five - Step Off – Sugarhill (USA) [1984]
08] Fat Boys – The Place to Be – Sutra (USA) [1984]
09] Kurtis Blow – AJ Scratch – Mercury (USA) [1984]
09A] Whodini – Friends (Instrumental) – Jive (USA) [1984]
09B] Kurtis Blow – 8 Million Stories – Mercury (USA) [1984]
09C] Fat Boys – The Fat Boys – Sutra (USA) [1984]
10] Donald D - Don's Groove – Elektra (USA) [1984]
11] Crash Crew - 2-4-6-8 / Here We Are – Sugarhill (USA) [1985]
12] Lovebug Starski – Starski Live At The Fever (Part 2) – Fever (USA) [1984]
13] Captain Rock – Cosmic Blast – NIA (USA) [1984]
14] Divine Sounds - Do Or Die Bed Sty – Specific (USA) [1984]

Friday, September 3, 2010

Rappers Delight Show on WZAK 93 FM with MC Chill

Not sure if this is from one show or a compilation, but it sounds freshhhh..
Anybody out there who has more of this radioshow and want to share some?