Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Music Seminar MC & DJ Battle 1988

Hosted by Mike Allen and Lady B. Too bad that there are so many technical problems during this show. Battle starts with D-Nasty versus All-Star Fresh, a dutch DJ.

All-Star Fresh Vs. D-Nasty
Kane Vs. Bango
Battlecat Vs. Cutmaster Swift/
Eazy T Vs. Paul Ever Fresh
Jonny Vee Vs. Johnny Juice
Malik O Love Vs. King Sun
M Rock Vs. Miz
Mr. X Vs. Mikey D
Pogo Vs. Richie Rich
Devastator Vs. Raven T
Melle Mel Performs
Ronan Vs. Serch


  1. Thank you for posting the NMS Battles these are super-wicked!!!!

    ~ HOBO

  2. dope ! any tapes of the final battles ?

  3. Like the holy grail of hip hop and the link is dead, smh