Friday, September 3, 2010

Rappers Delight Show on WZAK 93 FM with MC Chill

Not sure if this is from one show or a compilation, but it sounds freshhhh..
Anybody out there who has more of this radioshow and want to share some?


  1. HELL YEAH!!! I grew up in Rappers Delight. I'll dig up some of my goodies and rushem to you.


  2. @Mr. Reemycks! Hunter: had this for some time, not sure how i got it. Looking forward to some fresh Rappers Delight tapes!!!

  3. Monecka from Cleveland

    My girl Nicole grew up on this she over here going crazy about Rappers Delight

  4. Looking for Pacman song with Einstein beat. Who sings that?

  5. Wholly smokes! The spot break after the jungle brothers, was my early group called the b boy squad! Who ever found this is a freaking Mack! Thank you for the post! Awesome

  6. It's amazing that you have this! I lived in Cleveland during the initial run of the show, and as the years went on, I've lost all my recorded tapes.

    You wouldn't believe how long I've been searching for something...anything. Thanks for putting up what you have. If you have anymore, PLEASE put them up as well, as I think you are the only one on the internet.

    THANK YOU!!!