Saturday, November 20, 2010

UK pirate radio dj's: 7 fresh mixes from the collection of DJ Diablo, part 3

More mixes from DJ Diablo's collection.
updated links

DJ Elite - Egyptian Lover Megamix

DJ Jeeves - Pumpkin Mix 1985

DJ Jeeves - Tilt Me Mix 1985

DJ Undercover - Cut It Out Now Nick Mix 1985

DJ Undercover - One Time Mix 1985

DJ Undercover - Shes Looking Like A Hobo Mix

DJ Cuttin Mix 1985

Additional info from DJ Diablo:
DJ Undercover was a DJ that used to send Tim Westwood his mix tapes. Tim Westwood used to play his mixes on LWR.

DJ Jeeves did the drum program on the Pumpkin Mix and it was played by Tim Westwood on LWR (listen at 6mins).

The DJ Elite mix is a mix I downloaded and not from my tapes. There was no/very little swearing on the radio stations in the early-to-mid 1980s.

DJ Roger Johnson was a DJ for Dave Pearce on Radio London.


  1. "LWR, heavy on the murda music!" Thanks, I remember some of these :) I don't know why LWR doesn't get much mention as one of the early UK pirate hip hop stations.

    Some of these links go to pages with no download buttons though? :(

  2. This is great stuff. Thanks to the both of you. DJ Diablo for taking the time to digitalize all of these and Dutch for putting them on this amazing blog. My favorite place to check out on the web. >>>>>LA Slim

  3. I know I'm probably stating the obvious, but that's DJ Undercover from the legendary UK Hip Hop crew, 'Hijack'.

  4. Another DJ Undercover classic:

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  6. glad u liked my Egyptian Lover MegaMix! aloha!