Saturday, February 19, 2011

More old school hip hop vids: Electro Rock, Stations of the Elevated and Rock Steady Crew doc

Electro Rock (55:16)
Mike Allen presents the cream of UK Hip Hop from way back in 1985 at the London Hippodrome. The movie features London All Stars, Rock City Crew, Wolverhampton B-Boys (incl. Goldie), Broken Glass, Mastermind Roadshow, Richie Rich, Family Quest, Afrika Bambaata, Dizzy Heights and a whole bunch more.

Rock Steady Crew Documentary: classic footage from the famous breaking crew, made in the early 80's (28 minutes)

Stations of the Elevated (1981): must see for all graffiti fans

Thanx FSMS74 for pointing me to these great vids!

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  1. Did I just hear Junior G say:

    "Gonna take all you ladies on a long trip,
    A cruise around the world on the 2 inch ship"

    I've never used these words before but, EPIC FAIL.