Monday, June 20, 2011

Doug E. Fresh live @ Lincoln Projects, The Red Parrot and unknown location (3 tapes)

Had 3 requests in one week in my mailbox regarding Doug E. Fresh tapes. Don't have much time to maintain my blog, but for all the Doug E. Fresh fans, here are 3 tapes:
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* Doug E. Fresh, Barry Bee, Chuck A Luck, Sweet Slick And Sly, & Tranquilizing 3, unknown location (43 minutes, .rar file)

* Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick, 1985, Live At The Lincoln Projects, NY (8.50 minutes)

* Doug E. Fresh Live At The Red Parrot 1985 (19.38 minutes)


  1. thanks a ton for your post. Top quality vintage Hip Hop! This one i have been looking for 30yrs!!

  2. please upload to your skydrive account buddy...its a very easy and efficient way to crap from ilivid etc