Sunday, July 10, 2011

A list of my live and radio tapes

I generated a txt list of my mp3 old school radio and live tapes. More then 100 GB of goodies and plenty of them can be found and downloaded @ this blog.
Some file names are unknown (then check the folder name for some info) or could be mislabled and some files will appear more then once but if you want to know more about some tape(s) and/or want to swap: let me know. update: 11-07-11)


  1. Hey Dutch, would love to get those Red Alert and Marley Marl radio shows. You tell me what I need to do to make that happen. Thanks Fam!!!!

  2. @Gildog: you can find 20+ tapes from both Red Alert and Marley Marl on my blog :-)
    If you want some stuff that on the list but not posted then maybe we can swap some live or radio tapes?

  3. Ok, Gonna have to holla at my man Manefest. I don't have many radio shows to swap as most of them I have from you. But thanks fam and your hard work is greatly appreciated.

  4. More Red Alert/Mr. Magic/Marley Marl!