Saturday, January 21, 2012

More old school hip hop radio tapes from the UK: Kiss FM, Capital and London Radio

RUSE ONE shared some great UK tapes in the past. Because megaupload is down, he re-upped them on Mediafire.

Capital Radio - Westwood - 5th February 1988

Capital Radio - Westwood - 5th March 1988

London Radio 21 11 1986

Side 1
Jealous Girls - Fric and Frac
Im a Homeboy - K Rob
Saturday Night - Schoolly D
She's my Baby Rock G
Demon Boys (They won the phone in rap line)
Scream - Mantronix
Beauty and the Beat - Salt n Pepa
I Gotta Be Tough - MC Shy D

Side 2

Miller Lights - Fission
Go See The Doctor - Kool Moe Dee
The Way We Rock - ?
Thats My Style - Spoonie Gee
Uptowns Rocking It - Uptown Crew
Kingdom Blow - Kurtis Blow
Demon Boys (Same as side A)
South Bronx - BDP

Kiss FM 13-17th July 1991

Side 1
Just another dream - Cathy Dennis
Summertime - Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince
Always there - Incognito
Secrets of Success - Cookie Crew
Young Soul Rebels - Mica Paris
Hustle to the Music - Funky Worm
Right into your arms - Mellow Man Ace
Summertime - Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince
Let the beat hit em - Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam
Things that make you go mmmm - C+C Music Factory
For the funk of it - Above The Law

Side 2
Growing up in the hood - CMW
Hang on kid - Nikki D
Confused - Larry Lah
Go with the flow - Pete Rock + CL Smooth
Word to the third - Third Bass
Set adrift on memory bliss - PM Dawn
Come in - Third Bass
Fly Girl - Queen Latifah
Aint nobody better - Yo Yo
Work this - Technotronic
Brand New Heavies - Brand New Heavies with Def Jef
Droppin Some - Heavy D


  1. Thanks for sharing Dutch (and especially Ruse One), really enjoying the Mike Allen and Dave Pearce rips, looking forward to this latest one. @Dutch/Ruse - any chance of re-upping the Mike Allen Oct 17th pt 3 rip? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. @ramses: Ruse is busy to reup more 'megaupload' tapes. I will make a new Uk radio post within a few days.

    1. Cheers Dutch, much appreciated!