Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dr Dre tapes download mania: Rodium Mix Tapes, live at Skateland, KDAY mixes, The Operating Room and more

The early Dr Dre mixes are timeless gems. Here is my collection including lots of Rodium Mix tapes, KDAY mixes and more. DOWNLOAD If you have some other early Dre tapes you like share: let me know at

Monday, April 27, 2015

4 GB of hip hop radio history: Mr Magic and Marley Marl

I got some requests to re-up the Mr Magic tapes. So here they are to download
It contains many great shows with Marley Marl. It's a lot: 4 GB, dozens of shows, so take your time :-)
And if this is to much old school for you, then at least listen to this gem: a mister Magic Disco Showcase from 1981 listen.
Magic is talking about the making of the movie Wild Style. This is hip hop history!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Live at Harlem World, the Ecstacy, Paterson, T-Connection, 123 Park and Disco Fever: 12 classic Hip Hop tapes

Ecstacy Garage Allstars (Ecstacy Garage 1980) download
DJ Jazzy Jay & The Jazzy Five MCs - Paterson NJ 1981 (Live) download
Dota Rock's Birthday party - The Fantastic 5 , Jazzy 5 download
Fantastic Five, Grandmaster Caz, Busy Bee, Whiz Kid, Treacherous Three, & Spoonie Gee live at t-connection 1981 download
Force MCs Cold Crush Bros Busy Bee Kool Moe Dee Doug E Fresh Treach 3_1982 download
Grandmaster Caz, Funkmachine & Zulu Nation @ 123 park download
Grandmixer D.S.T and the Cold Crush Brothers ( Unknown date and location) download
Jazzy Jay, Smitty Dee, Kid Vicious, Tricky Tee, Malibu, Pow Wow, & Nae Nae live at t-connection 1980 for troy troy's birthday download
Kevie Kev and Rubie Dee's Birthday Party - Busy Bee and the Cold Crush Brothers(Ecstacy Garage 1980) download
Lovebug Starski, Treacherous Three, & Spoonie Gee live at disco fever 1980 for treacherous three first anniversary download
phase 3, cool aj, rapper wise, ultimate 3 mcs, dj disco quick, & sweet slick and sly live at harlem world 1982 for mc battle download
Stardust Ballroom 1982 download

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Some classic Latin Rascal mixes on KISS FM (re-ups)

DJ please, pick up your phone, i'm on the request line.... Here are some classic Latin Rascal KISS FM tapes. Download

A bunch of Kid Capri tapes 1988 - 1990 (re-up)

It's the Kid Capri... More tapes then you can handle :-) Download

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Live in Philly tapes

Some Philly tapes: West Philly feat Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, Grandmaster Nell + Spinbad with Force Five Productions 1985 (78 minutes) Masterdon and the Def Committee- Live in Philly 1985 (15 minutes) LL Cool J at LL Cool J's B'day Lan, Philly 1987 (5 minutes) COSMIC KEV featuring PARRY P - MLK High School, Philadelphia 1983 (12 minutes) Onedrive: download

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More Zulu Beat shows: The DJ Grazzhoppa collection (re-up)

I recently re-upped some Africa Islam Zulu Beat Shows. Jamie made a comment regarding the DJ Grazzhopa collection, so i added those on onedrive. Can't have enough of these classic radio shows :-)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Some KDAY hip hop tapes

Back by popular demand: some KDAY Hip hop tapes. Dr Dre, Traffic Jam and more. On onedrive

Zulu Beat Shows: re-ups

Back by popular demand: some Zulu Beat Show tapes on onedrive