Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What are you looking for?

I can upload only stuff i have, but it's interesting to know what visitors (like you) are looking for. So i started with a poll. If this works, i can take the results into account when uploading in the future.
Of course, you can also use the chat box :-)


  1. Afrika Bambaataa

  2. good call! Bambaataa and jazzy jay could/should also be on the list :-)

  3. Thanks guys for a great Blog.

    I personally would appreciate some more Zulu Beat WHBI and World Famous Supreme Team tapes as they were the first tapes I got hold of in 1982/83 that basically changes my life. Also more Jazzy Jay/Bam/Zulu tapes.

    I've also lost a few tapes over the years (the famous Kool Moe Dee vs. Busy Bee battle and early Cold Crush tapes) that would be great to get back.

    Also any tapes beyond 1977, as I've never been able to get hold of a tape from 1976 (apparently there's a Flash tape from '76 about).

    Thanks again for a great Blog. Ulysses.

  4. What's up man. This is THE INCREDIBLE HULK speaking. Before I post anything else, I want to thank you for creating this blog and thank you for all the time taken to upload the files to this page. What I would like to see posted are any radio shows by Chuck D and Flavor Flava from Public Enemy. Another thing that I would like to say is that you are getting many hits on the links with very little or zero grateful responses. I think this is awful and if the people do continue to abuse of your kindness, perhaps you should consider privatizing the blog and keep it open to members who are thankful, or remain it open but with a secret password to each link. That should teach the selfish bastards a good lesson. As you already know from experiences over at "Crew II" there are many leechers around taking time to enter their rapidshare account numbers and passwords but unthankful enough to enter their blogger account and typing down a simple thank you.

  5. More Latin Racals man! Those guys are the - no one can touch'em

  6. Amazing blog. Once again, f**king amazing. Thank you so much for taking the time to bless us with these original school treats. You've already made my 2009 and Obama hasn't been sworn in yet.

    As far as requests go, keep on doing what you're doing, but as a DJ from way back, I'm especially interested in any old radio shows or mixes by the old school masters. That Mister Magic joint with the Grover Washington was fantastic but left me startving for more! Same goes with the live Flash on the Wheels of Steel. Same goes with any Latin Rascals, although you've been posting those on the regular. I'm less intersted in Stretch and Bobbito, Marley, Pete Rock, and late Red Alert shows just because those have been posted to death elsewhere. But anything 1988 and before is always welcome! Also, antything from the Philly cats - Jeff, Spinbad, Cash Money, etc...

    Basically anything you post is appreciated, but if you have any original mixapes or radio shows featuring Bam, Flash, Flowers, Hollywood, DST, Jazzy Jay, Chase, Theodore, Islam, right down to Magic, Frankie Crocker, etc. Original shit!!!

    Thanks again

  7. Can you put up any New Music Seminars (MC Battles, Beatbox Battles and DJ competitions)? Looking for 1990 in particular, but all are nice !!

  8. this is john jefferson im trying to workout with your trade but i aint got a dubbing machine that will make the copies come out load it might come to low,now this is what im looking for THE MIGHTY FORCE CREW,UNDEFEATED 3 MCS,SERIOUS 5 MCS WITH DJ KENNY KEN theres others believe me i just wouldnt know the titles by john jefferson 212-865-7863

  9. Wu-Tang early radio play or The Genius, Prince Rakeem, Ason Unique...