Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thinking about changing the focus of this blog

Till now my focus regarding this blog was on building the biggest collection of old school live and radio tapes on the web. Not sure it can live up to that, but I have the feeling that it’s time to focus on preservation of the current online collection instead of adding new ones.

I think I have uploaded about half of my collection and this blog became a nice time capsule of hip hop history. At this moment the most requests I get regarding uploading tapes are about re-ups or additional shows from Mike Allen, Mr. Magic, etc.. Because my time is limited I think it’s better to preserve the current online collection then to add a 24th Mike Allen tape or 33th Mr Magic tape. Of course there will be reasons to add new tapes, f.e. when someone thinks an essential tape is missing or another collector want to add tapes to this blog. But I will focus my time and energy on ‘maintenance’. By doing that, this blog will not become a ‘file not found’ graveyard and current and new visitors will find more then enough tapes to start a personal collection and, by doing that, preserve a piece of history themselves. Hopefully that also will motivate some to digitize and share personal tape collections. And if that will be the start of a complete ‘mike allen’ or ‘mr magic’ collection, then that would be great! But it’s not a goal that I pursue.

To all regular visitors, especially the ones who have contributed to this blog in any way: if you have an opinion regarding this: feel free to share it in the comment section.


  1. Sounds like a good idea, i`ll keep you posted on any dead links i find.

  2. I like this. I'm a relative newcomer to your site and would love to explore any stuff you've uploaded in the past.

  3. your hard work is definitely appreciated dutch! any direction you decide to take this i'm following.

  4. i hear what you saying dutch but please through the live old school tapes up every now and then. keimo481one

  5. no doubt Dutch, preservation is key. I cant help think that documentation of the shows is also a priority, although collating dates and info on shows is time-consuming and arduous, and long...

    Ive just added a UK show from Manchester on our Soundcloud board - http://soundcloud.com/hotasballs Its Leaky Fresh from late 89

    There aint too many of these floatin around so enjoy the simplicity of Brit Rap radio from North of the Watford gap...

    Maybe more people will realise that the only way to continue the sharing of info and shows, is to actually get their tapes outta the shoe-box and dust em off!

    Dont forget to bless us with the odd gem Dutchy


    For future ref:


  6. I wouldn't change a thing with this blog. Maybe you should start a new blog to serve as an archive.

    Remember - people came here for the collection, not an archive.

  7. Thanx for the comments. I will upload a fresh tape once in a while :-)
    But the focus will be preserving the current online collection (like an archive)
    @irish: i will check that tape!

  8. i love this site, it is great
    please do not take it away
    the beautiful sounds of the 80s hip hop and club primarily fm Ny lives here on yr website
    thank u Dutch!

  9. this blog is straight how it is just keep doin what you doin!