Saturday, April 9, 2011

UK Fresh 1986: 3 hours of UK hip hop history

UK Fresh 86, broadcasted on the Mike Allen Capital Rap Show. 3 hours, including: Just Ice, Grandmaster Flash & Furious 5, Real Roxanne, Busy B, Sir Mixalot, DJ Cheese and Word of Mouth, Mantronix, Captain Rock, World Class Wreckin Crew and many more.

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  1. Nice work Dutch my man,
    Fresh '86 was a monumental moment in the UK, So many amazing overseas artists - DOUBLE DEF.

    Listened to these radio recordings a few years back with a painter friend of mine, he's so deep in this shit that he cried when Captain Rock came on, seriously, he actually cried tears of joy from the memories of how it used to be.

    Anybody ain't got it ? Get it !

    One Love Dutch.

  2. AMAZING!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  3. hey dutch sorry for posting this question here, but it seems like your chatbox isn't working (for me at least)

    do you have any dj junebug mixes? i would add that he used dj at disco fever, but i'm positive you already know that

    peace and love

  4. @ red dirt: i will check. Regarding the chatbox: i closed it because at this moment i'm not spending much time maintaining this blog and the chatbox was almost only used for spam.