Sunday, April 5, 2015

Live in Philly tapes

Some Philly tapes: West Philly feat Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, Grandmaster Nell + Spinbad with Force Five Productions 1985 (78 minutes) Masterdon and the Def Committee- Live in Philly 1985 (15 minutes) LL Cool J at LL Cool J's B'day Lan, Philly 1987 (5 minutes) COSMIC KEV featuring PARRY P - MLK High School, Philadelphia 1983 (12 minutes) Onedrive: download


  1. Hi dutch thanks a lot for posting the freshhhhh music....can you post the latin rascals mastermix dance party 98.7 kiss fm 1985 86 full mixes please...

    1. Hi nito, i don't have any 'new' tapes but i wil re-up some kiss fm classics.

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  3. Thanks for the Live in Philly Tapes

  4. Thanks dutch for post the latin rascals mastermixes..i am a junkie to old school hip hop.when i was young 16 and 17 years old always i listen that freshhhh mixes you have old school hip hop mixes of wbls and 98.7 kiss fm with dj marlie marl and dj red alert .mr magic rap attack ??

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