Sunday, January 24, 2016

Classic UK hip hop radio: 2GB of Tim Westwood tapes, mostly pre 1990

I posted several Tim Westwood mixes in the post '130 UK old school hip hop radio mixes', but for those who cann't get enough of his Capital Radio Shows: here is more then 2GB of tapes, mostly pre 1990


  1. This is amazing, thank you so much! Don't suppose you've got Westwood's Capital show from the 16 November 1990, have you?

  2. Sorry Wile E. Hope that someone else can help you out!

  3. Hi Dutch, massive thanks for sharing these Westwood tapes. Really made my day finding your recording of the 1986 show which included the New Music Seminar sessions. I recorded this same show too back in 86, but my pause-button pressing was a bit more severe than your version. It's amazing to hear more of Westwood talking before and after. Thanks so much for archiving this material!