Sunday, November 12, 2017

Archiving my radio tapes on

I started this blog 8 years ago (december 2009) and shared hundres of tapes. But other priorities and the take down procedures on several file sharing sites resulted in many broken links.
The hip hop radio archive is aiming to build a more sustainable environment for early hip hop radio tapes and i'm sharing my radio tapes with this great initiative. 
Hope other collectors are doing the same.
So feel free to browse on my blog for tapes (there is still for GB's findable) but definitly also go to

Dutch @ gmail .  com

Added 2017/12/26: it seems that the combination of http and https links becomes a security problem. I deleted all the posts with http links and changed the website url from http to https. From the 250 blog posts only about 50 remained. Please check for my radio tapes (work in progress).

Added 2020/06/21: some of the file share servers like mediafire are still active but i have no idea if it's save to use or that you could be affected with malware. That the reason why i deleted some of the links but not all. So downloading at your own riks :-) But best to go to hiophopradioarchive!


  1. Can you get all the afrika islam and mr magic tapes on there those are the most important ones in my opinion

  2. Please upload afrika bambaataa & jazzy jay live at printing high school thank you


  4. Would you happen to have any mix tapes from K.A.C.E 103.9 fm from Inglewood Ca
    From 1983 - 1984 ?

  5. Can you upload afrika bambaata amityville long island please? thank you

  6. Btw have you tried you got 50gb free its a lot easier to share links with people and they won't expire...paece


  7. I'm diggin for DJ Krylon - Fo The Headz Part 2. I had it years ago and can't find it now. I can find Part 5 and Part 7 all over the net. If you have it please send it to me or link me to a download. Not a DJ, just a listener. Thank you for your time. It would mean the world to me.

  8. How can I DL those now?

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  10. Thank you for sharing us education, please kindly visit mine :D


  11. Great. Now I can listen old hip hop songs too.
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  14. Do any body out have a tape of the Untouchable crew from douglass projects with Mix Master Dj Andre

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